Wall mounted

The glass used is Borous Silicate or Pyrex and starts off as a tube of varying thickness and diameter. It is held in a lathe and massive burners heat it up. It starts to move at around 1300 deg C and then it is moulded and fused into shape.

I have used stainless steel as the supporting mechanism incorporating a turned piece with an internal thread and a threaded ring that is attached to the glass.

A G-9 is generally used but if a reflective light source is required then a low voltage reflector is used. This means that the transformer is placed in the ceiling void. A LED version is being worked upon.

The standard overall drop for the bathroom range is lOOcm, however different drops are available to suit your requirements. The cable hanging Double Jacket can have a drop of up to 200cm and can be used as a single unit or as a cluster. Wattage ranges from 25W to 60W.